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Fuzzy Logic in a project vi

Hello, I am working on a school project (the NI Robotics Starter kit 2.0) and i designed a fuzzy logic controller to control the robot.  This robot uses a rio board for the processor on board, and all the files that are being flashed on to the memory are in the that was created during the robotic setup wizard.  When i created the fuzzy controller i used the fuzzy controller setup from the tools and saved the .fs file.  my sub vi loads the .fs file and uses the fuzzy controller that was made.  When i flash this on the rio does it pull the .fs file onto it also because the load fuzzy file path is needed. do i need to adjust the path seeing as it path will be flashed on to the rio board or does it do all that for me.

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Hello Mikey00409


You can use the manual attached below for reference:

PID and Fuzzy Logic Toolkit User Manual


Pages 10-3 and 10-9 include information about loading the fuzzy system and saving the fuzzy system. I would say if you are building a VI that is going to run in your target, it is going to run in a real time OS located in the board, so you should be pointing to paths present in that target. By testing the VI you could know if the path is working correctly, then you could test the RT application.



Frank R.

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