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Installer Error: Cannot Upgrade NI-488.2

Hi all,

I recently created an installer for one of my LabVIEW programs, and when I ran the installer on another computer I recieved this error:


"Installation Cannot Proceed: Cannot upgrade NI-488.2 : This installer cannot upgrade the installed feature set of NI-488.2 prior to 14.0. Uninstall NI-488.2 then run this installer again. This process will remove NI-488.2 Configuration support and Application Development support (if present)." 


Can someone help elaborate on this error, and is there is there a way to not force an uninstall for someone who may have the driver(s) previously installed?


I'm new to building applications so I appreciate any help!




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Is there a reason you are including the NI-488.2 installer if it is already installed on the target computers? I am not aware of any way to opt out of installing a driver included in the LabVIEW installer. I would think that you'd have to let users know that they need to install it (from the web or from a network location) if they do not already have it.

Steven Gloor
Staff Customer Engineer - CTA, CLD
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I'm including it because I won't know which customers will have it and which ones will not, so I assumed it would be safer including it in the installer.


However, since I'm new to LabVIEW installers I wasn't aware that this could present a problem for users who already have the driver installed. Would you then suggest leaving it out and letting the cusomers know elsewhere that they need to install it (as a consequence of not being able to opt out of the driver) vs forcing them to unistall to properly run the installer?




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That would be my suggestion. You could also make multiple installers, with and without the driver included.

Steven Gloor
Staff Customer Engineer - CTA, CLD
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