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Files not saving properly; File write vi stops program every 10 minutes

Trying to run current scan program; Data won't write automatically to file. I have to enter return at prompt to keep program running!
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How are you writing your files? Are you using the Write LVM Express VI or some of the file I/O vis? This information will help alot.

You have to hit return if you have a dialog showing. You can create and write to files with any of the various functions without going through a dialog. Usually this is done by either placing the dialog in a case and only running it on the initial run of your loop, or by placing it outside of your loop so it runs only once before you start looping.

If you are using the Write LVM Express VI, you can set it to only prompt once. Then it remembers the path on subsequent iterations.

But, you need to give a little more information and maybe a sample VI to get a more specific answer.

Hope that this helps,
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Are you trying to update a file or just trying to replace one?
Trying to write a new one?

"By enter return at prompt to keep program running!"
Are you refering to the necesity to write a path to place the file?

Maybe try the "Read, Write," and tell it which one you want to happen, use it as a constant.

If you fail to enter in a location to write the file, it'll always prompt the user. So you might need to swing something into the write location.

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