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Failure : load.cpp in line 4835

I'm working in a new VI with LabView version 6.1. Yesterday i saved it normally, but today when i try to open gives me this failure message:
"Failure : load.cpp in line 4835"

I try to open the file with the version LabView 11 but I have the same problem, with the message:

"Memory is full. LabVIEW load error code 14: Could not load data space type map"
I need to recover the file, because i don´t have any backups.

Thank you in advance, regards.

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Hi Francesca,


I need to recover the file, because i don´t have any backups.

When you don't have a backup you need to recreate this VI from scratch.


While doing so you might think about the advantages of creating backups (often and early)!

You might/should even think about setting up a SCC tool

(Don't worry, you're not the only one working without backups! :D)

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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If you post the VI, someone might be able to do some magic... But assume you're code is gone. Set up SCC and start over.


Also: LV6.1? LV11? Add them, and you're up to date! You'll get problems when you want to keep using 6.1 and need to, at some point, install it on a modern Windows version.

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Hy Carya!

thanks for your idea.

If someone can help me and do some magic it would be fantastic!!!

Unfortunately I don't have any backup and I wouldn't start from zero.

I attach my vi and the sub vi used.


Thank you in advance, regards.

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Sorry, this is the vi I can't open.

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I read thet this problem can be done by the large number of object in the front panel.

If I could oped the vi I can change the structure to reduce the number of objectcccccccccCould someone please help me with this vi?

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WARNING: SY 546 driver.VI ‏145 KB   seems to crash LabVIEW on load.


The VI seems to be complete. That is, it's not an error where less then 100% is saved. It has a correct head and tail. It's just that something is corrupt. Could be one byte...


The VI (HV seems to think it's named Renaming it to gives some additional errors in LV17:

error 1.pngerror 2.pngerror 3.png

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