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FTP Get File Error

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Hi !

I'm trying to use in order to transfer a file from a ftp server to my computer. But each time I get the following message :

"Error 0 occured at ftp validate data connection : invalid data connection".

However, it works using a traditional FTP softwrae program (FileZilla) using the same Host/RemotePath/Password.


Anyone has an idea to help me understanding this error ? 

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The FTP VIs are (at least up to LV 8.5) open, so you can dig in to see where the error occurs.

If it is a problem with the data connection (as the error says) you might want to try passive connection (boolean input of


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Try changing the passive/active boolean input from whatever it is to the other option.  This is what I had to do when I got the same error.  I don't understand why it works, I just know that it did.



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EdDeWitt wrote:

I don't understand why it works, I just know that it did.


If you're behind a firewall incoming connections are usually not allowed. The FTP Server (as it is a server) on the other hand should allow incoming connections. In active connections the server tries to open a data connection to the client, this is usually not possible if you're firewalled (unless the incoming ports are open and routed to your machine). In passive FTP the client opens a data connection to the server, which is usually possible.




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Oops.  I didn't realize dan_u already suggested the active/passive thing.  My bad.  Anyway, thanks, dan_u, for providing the reasoning behind why it works.  That's good to know.
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