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FPGA memory initialization with custom control

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Hi, I am transferring code from a NI-cRIO-9012 to a 9031 and in the process I have encountered the following error when trying to compile some code (code wasn't written by me):


"Memory is read-only and uses a custom control to define the type.

Initializing memory with a type defined as a custom control is not supported. Change the data type of the memory."


The attached picture shows the custom data type if that helps. 


Anyone know a way around this?

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The annoying answer is:

Define the Memory as U64 and perform the handling of the bits yourself.  LV simply does not support the function you are looking for.


Or an alternate workaround:

You might also think of splitting it into two seperate Memories of 32 bits each, since this will not cost any more BRAM and will allow you to initialise each one individually.

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If the issue is purely the custom control, have you tried just using the two I32's on their own without the custom control around them?





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