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FPGA compilation error

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I'm starting to use LabView and I have already got a problem. The error appears while the program is compiling. 


I use the cRIO 9063 in LabView 2015. Could anybody help me?



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Did you try installing a version of the Java Runtime Engine?

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It looks like it uses it's own version of the JRE (hence the absolute path inside the NIFPGA directory). What is there when you look inside the directory it is looking for? Do you have a 'java.exe' and a whole bunch of other executables/dlls etc.?


I suspect something went wrong during the FPGA compilation tools installation - try a repair / reinstall and see if that fixes the issue. I'd also be aware of any IT restrictions/permissions/anti-virus that might be preventing the JRE from being installed correctly.



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Thank you so much for your advices.


I unnistalled and installed some days ago and it didn't work. Yesterday, I repeated it following your advice and it works!


If someboy has the same problem:


1. Unnistall FPGA module and 2015Xilinx2014_4.

2. Install both of them.


Also, I disconnected antivirus and firewall.

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