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Eye/Mask graph with Agilent E5071C driver

Hello NI Community,


I work in a lab, and we are trying to automate several test benchs to qualify some electronics components. One of these benchs is a data transmission test using the Agilent / Keysight E5071C Virtual Network Analyzer. Among the multiple datas the LabVIEW program needs to acquire, are the Jitter RMS, Jitter p-p and Opening Factor, obtained after generating an Eye/Mask diagram (see picture below):


While I am able to manually generate this diagram by selecting it from the menu and using the "Draw Eye" button, I am unable to find anything relevant to automate this process with the LabVIEW driver provided by NI (attached file). All the other measurements are succesfully performed by the program, except for this one. Hence, I was wondering if anyone ever used this device bundled with this driver, and could provide me some assistance.


Thanks in advance,


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I don't have relevant experience with that driver but just FYI, drivers are nearly always made by the manufacturer, not by NI themselves. You may be able to get in touch with Agilent's help desk.


That said, is there info in the manual about how to automate this with SCPI commands? In my experience, Agilent drivers are just wrappers around SCPI serial commands. You may be able to roll your own.

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Completely agree with @BertMcMahan, manufacturers create drivers for their products and share them with NI to be hosted on the instrument driver network. Occasionally, NI also does static code review for coding standards and calls them "NI certified" (this does not mean NI tests the drivers with actual hardware).


With this said, any question pertaining to automating an instrument should be directed to the manufacturer.

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