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Exchange data between 2 chassis using NI PXI 8383mc



I am searching to exange data between 2 chassis using NI PXIe8383mc setup on both chassis:


- 2 PXI chassis

- 2 controller NI Real Time NI PXIe8135 (OS pharlap)

- 2 NI PXI 8383mc

- 1 MXI wire for connecting both NI PXIe8383mc


I search for a while on different National Instrument ressources but I didnt find enough informations:

Does it needs To install additional driver on each chassis?

How do I programmaticaly (labVIEW) exchange data between the 2 chassis?

Is there any example available?


If you have any informations to share, it would be very helpfull.





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Hello KaiserJJ,


I did some research on your configuration. First of all, in order to use your NI PXIe8383mc you have to install the NI-PXImc driver as it is mentionned on the NI page of the card.


>>NI PXIe-8383mc


Since you are using 2 PXI chassis, I suggest you to install it on both. Here is the link to donwload it:


>>PXIe-8383mc Drivers 1.0:


Now, concerning the example, I'm pretty sure there will be some help in the driver once it will be installed. I managed to find this white paper, maybe you didn't see it. There is no example but there is this small third part about the software driver:


"The NI-PXImc driver abstracts the low-level data transfer protocol and presents a simple and highly efficient API for building a solution based on PXImc." You also have a picture showing the different fonctionnal calls of the API.


>>Introduction to PXImc - Technology for High Performance Test, Measurement & Control Applications


I will let you know if I find anything else.


Have a nice day.



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