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Exception occurred in compiling program on labview Ubuntu platform

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There are no problems with the installation and writing of the labview 2020 program under Ubuntu, because it is the first time to compile a program under Linux. There has been no experience in labview compilation under Ubuntu before. Currently, it is found that the executable program after labview compilation is still the source program. What is the reason for this? Have you had similar problems before? Also the version of Labview if  full version not community ,Thank you very much~

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Hello, as described in the picture, there seems to be no error in the compilation process, but I don't know why this exception occurs

Labview linux.png

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This is because you create a Source Distribution in the Build Specification. The source distribution is meant to share the source code. 

You should select Application (EXE) instead.

See Using Build Specifications to learn more about the different build specs.

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Your answer made me deeply grateful !!

but I can't find settings similar to compiling exe on Windows on the Linux version. Can you take a screenshot for me? Thank you.



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Accepted by james_zhan

@james_zhan wrote:

Also the version of Labview if  full version not community

Full version does not have the application builder. You need Professional or Community for that.

(Or install the application builder module separately if you have it. You cannot buy it separately anymore)

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Exactly. Thank you very much for your support

But  anyone, Who has a professional version of labview on linux platform?

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