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Excel Get last Column

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Hello,i can find the Function"Excel Get last Row" which can be used to get the Rows of a 2D Array. My question is how should i get the columns of a 2D Array, Because I can't find Function"Excel Get last Column". Please help me,Thank you very much.
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get the entire 2d array seperate that into two 1d array and rotate that two 1d arrays and get the first element so that u can get the last element of original 2d array...

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Use Array Functions.Use SIZE of 2D Array and it will give you the Last Column Index

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
CertifiedLabVIEWArchitect|| CertifiedTestStandDeveloper
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try this

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I don't see there is a VI available for getting the last column but certainly you can read the 2d data and index the last column.


The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
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Accepted by topic author shawn1

You can easily create your own Excel Get Last by modifying the Excel Get Last code.



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Kudos to Ben and to NI, who provided Excel Get Last Row in an "unlocked" form to allow Ben (and anyone else sufficiently adventurous) to create the "missing" Excel Get Last Column.  Maybe NI will include this little gem in a future release of the Report Generation Toolkit.


Bob Schor

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Thank you ,but my input parameters is "EXCEL INSTANCE",So your way may not works. but Anyway,Thanks
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Hi Ben, Can you give me Excel Get Last (Labview2013)?? I can't open this vi(Labview2015). Thank you
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get last column vi in labview 13 version...

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