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Event Structure & Add Stop priority during a process

Hi all,

In my program, I use an event structure and during a process, I want to add Stop Emergency button.

How can I do ?


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What exactly should this emergency stop button do that isn't already being done by the stop button you have in there now?

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For example, if the process has 10 step, Emergency button can stop at least between 2 step

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Use a state machine and don't congest event cases. They should always completed immediately.

What happens in the various "steps". Just a waits or something that takes a while and cannot be interrupted?

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something that takes a while and cannot be interrupted, so wait the end of 1 step before interrupt

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Again, don't use a sequence. Use a state machine and check termination after each state.

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ok, I never use State Machine, I will look for an example

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