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Eurotherm 2216e Temperature Control and Monitoring Example

Dear Experts:

I am using a Eurotherm 2216e Temperature Regulator in conjunction with LabView 7 over an RS232 interface. has drivers for this device, which I downloaded. I was able to finally get the Process Value Monitoring to work by adjusting the baud rate.

I am now trying to use the Temperature Control and Monitoring and I am having problems.

During startup the vi (Temperature Control and Monitoring is able to get through the first two major blocks:
1 – ET24XX
2 – ET24XX Set Instrument

Once I get to the vi gets to the ET24XX Instrument block I get an error ERR (-1074001423).

Has anyone had this problem?


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I communicate with Eurotherm instruments using Labview. I have not used the drivers that you are using. I am using a Modbus VI to get process values and change the setpoint. What are you trying to do? I also use the iTools OPC server with Labview. This is the best way to go, if you don't mind buying the software.
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One of the vi's included in the package from NI allows you to regulate and monitor the temperature. That is really all that I want to do.

I want to be able to heat up a surface for temperature dependant tests and monitor this temperature. Nothing fancy.

Any further help is really appreciated.

Thank you.


PS: The drivers that I am using are at the following link, the ones for the 24XX series that should also, in most part, work for the 22XX series.
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Here are two VIs that I use. I think that if you want to use com1, you really select com2, but I forget. You need to make sure your instrument is set up for modbus comms and address1.
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Looking at the particular VI that you reference (ET24XX Instrument and comparing addresses in it with valid Modbus addresses for the 2216e, it is very likely that the problem lies with the addresses that are always written to in that particular VI that are not actually appropriate for the 2216e. If you do not already have a copy, I suggest that you obtain a PDF copy of the 2000 series communications manual from a eurotherm website and compare all the addresses that are used in this VI with those that are valid for a 2200 - these addresses can all be found in section 5 of this manual.

Best Regards,

Russell Read. Eurotherm Technical Support - US
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I insert myself on your discussion because I am using too an eurotherm 2216e, but in EI Bisynchrone and not in Modbus; I don't find any VI on NI site;


Do you know where I can find it? 








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Take a look at this post.  There is an example in there.
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Always with my 2216e on EI-Bisynchrone whith labview, I have now a problem for the execution: i am sending mnemonics "pc", and "2", which normally would put the program at the state of execution, but there is just the message "End" on the eurotherm;


Sending other orders, like temperature of ramp, is working.


Is anyone already had this type of problem?... Or see what can be the problem?



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