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Error 7: File not found

When I run the labview it returns error 7 and says the possible reason is file not found or moved. from my understanding it is not locating the built in VI's like GPIB write, Read, Write to spreadsheet. Everything was running fine until I converted a file that i coded in labview 9 on my laptop to open it into labview 8.5 on my work desktop. How do I fix this problem?

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Which machine is exhibiting this problem - your laptop running 9, or your desktop running 8.5? Is this happening when you launch LabVIEW directly, or when you try to open your VI? If it's the latter, then the issue is a linking problem, in that the VI had the locations of those VIs saved in a location different from the standard locations. If you run LabVIEW by itself do you see those functions in the palette? Can you place them on the block diagram. If you don't have you tried to run a repair of LabVIEW?

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No, it has nothing at all to do with GPIB or any other VI/function. It has everything to do with the actual file you are trying to open. Check the path and see: 1) if the path is correct and 2) if the file is actually there.

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Both machine are showing the same problem. I even completely deleted the file from the machine and copied one that I had on my backup drive. But still the same problem. I can see those function in the palette however, now when i run anything it shows the same problem. i even tried by running a simple vi that i instantly wrote but the problem still persists. I havenot tried doing the repair because the labview installation files reside on the college network and I dont have access to those right now. To be precise the the message dispalyed is:



LabVIEW:  File not found. The file might have been moved or deleted, or the file path might be incorrectly formatted for the operating system. For example, use \ as path separators on Windows, : on Mac OS, and / on Linux. Verify that the path is correct using the command prompt or file explorer.
NI-488:  Nonexistent GPIB interface.


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And if you read closer, it says Possible Reason(s). GPIB and LabVIEW share some of the same error codes so unless you are are doing something related to GPIB, you can ignore that as a possible reason. And if you had a missing VI, the one you are calling would be broken.


You don't seem to have done all of the troublesh0oting that the error meesage says - such as the basic step of verifying if the path you create is correct. You also have not posted your code to show how you are building the and no one can tell if your are doing that correctly.

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That's different. That error indicates you are trying to open a file and the path you have is not correct. The error code that is being generated can be due to either the file not being there OR a non-existent GPIB interface. In the past NI made the gross error of using the same error codes to mean different things. Have you tried to navigate to the location using the file system directly? How are you creating the path? Are you (incorrectly) using string functions or (correctly) using path functions?

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Take the "simple vi" that you wrote and disconnect the "file (use dialog)" input to the File Read function.


Running the vi should now bring up a browse window. Browse to your file.


Does this work?



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I think it was not the problem with labview at all. I had two USB-GPIB plugged in to a single machine and I think that might have cuased the conflict. I dont know for sure but I am saying this on the assumption that once i disconnected one USB-GPIB and restarted the computer it started working fine. Thank. you guys for the help.

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It would have helped if you had provided the source of the error. That would have eliminated all of the discussion about files. Glad you got it working but having 2 USB-GPIB interfaces is perfectly legitimate. Just have to prove the correct interface name.

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