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Error -20080 quadratic programming

Hi Jim,
       Thanks for your reply. Modified vi that you have sent is in LV8.2 .Can you send me the modified vi which works in LV8?

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        For a given set of values the matlab Quadprog function is  working fine and giving the optimized output where as for the same values the Quadratic programming vi is giving me the following error
            "error 20080 occured at no initial feasible solution found
             Possible reason(s):
             Analysis:Time increment must be atleast greater than the (window length)/16"

Im not understanding why it is giving error in labview. Is the algorithm used in both is same? I m also not understanding that line in the analysis [ Time increment >(window length)/16]
Im also attaching the wrapper of quadratic programming vi with values in it set as default values.

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After running Jim's code, everything works perfectly fine.  I've noticed many changes between your VI to Jim's.  Have you tried implementing your algorithm with Jim's code?  The reason as to why you are getting the error is because LabVIEW cannot find a feasible solution with the input clusters you specified.  It is hard to say whether the algorithm's are different between the two programming languages- it may be wrong settings or the algorithms may be indeed different.  Let me know how Jim's code goes and if you are still getting problems.


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Hi Nadim,
           Jim's code was working fine. I followed his instructions and made another  vi. Again this started giving me the error that I have mentioned earlier(but working fine with matlab quadprog command).

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