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Enum/Ring Customization - How to colorize selector?

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Dear colleagues, I need you tip or hint, probably I'm looking for too complicated solution in simple situation.

What I need is to customize visual appearance of the controls according GUI spec. I can easily achieve such result:

Screenshot 2024-02-23 10.39.09.png

So far so good, but when user hit the control to choose an item, the appearance is different:

Screenshot 2024-02-23 10.40.41.png

My question — is any trivial way exist to customize selector, which should be a little bit larger, dark as shown on the left side and  with required accent color?

If I have had LabVIEW NXG, then easily can achieve this with WPF Control, but I'm on LabVIEW Classic.

I'm experienced enough to create XControl, where I can do almost everything, but at the same time I'm lazy enough (it is quite amount of work), may be I overseen very simple, but generic solution? Later I will need to localize this to other languages, and there are many such controls (not always two items as shown above, could be also 20, etc).

Any idea?

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Update: This could be partially achieved by Environment's settings:

Screenshot 2024-02-23 12.35.30.png

Now it looks better, the only blue color a little bit "wrong":

Screenshot 2024-02-23 12.35.16.png


and selection's color can be changed in registry:

Screenshot 2024-02-23 13.01.25.png

Now looks better:

Screenshot 2024-02-23 13.00.16.png

More or less acceptable.

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Too bad it wasn't a complete solution.  😞

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@billko wrote:

Too bad it wasn't a complete solution.  😞

Well, the next trouble in this journey will be the fact, that in LabVIEW you can't align text vertically in the cells, which is required here and some other things...

But impossible is nothing, of course:


Anyway turn this "coffee break" exercise into "generic" solution (with scroll bar for many items, etc) will require huge amount of work.

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