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Error 7 ocurred at New VI in MemberViCreation.lvlib

When I try to select a VI to override from the parent class (which is FrontendInterface, it is possible to see it in the picture) this Error ocurrs and I do not know why. Someone had the same problem? Any idea how I can solve this issue? 

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This error occurs when the specified path does not exist. This VI will not create a path for you; for example, if the path specified is C:\Data\Today\Document1.xls and there is no Today folder in C:\Data , this error message will occur.

To resolve the issue you can:
Manually create the appropriate directory using your operating system's file explorer.
Change the specified directory within your LabVIEW program to a valid directory.
If the full file path already exists, ensure you are referencing the file with the correct spelling and syntax.
If you are reading from/writing to a file on a Real-Time target, ensure that the format of the file path matches the requirements for the Operating System

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Did you find the reason of this issue Capahlmh1985?

Guillermo Oviedo
R&D Software Engineer
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Seems like this is a bug in LabVIEW 2020 (

Does this match with the version you are using?

Guillermo Oviedo
R&D Software Engineer
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