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Empty array after digital trigger for DAQ6361

Hello everyone,


So I have a DAQ 6361 and I would like to trigger the analog acquisition of voltage with a digital trigger.

In the subVI that I've attach I start the 2 tasks: Temp and Trig, for voltage and trigger respectively. Then I change the sample rate from 1M to 2M, if not I get a -200284 error, and I send a TRUE in the trigger task so I can read data from my Temp task. The only problem I have is that the array is empty and I'm not sure why since I don't get any errors.

Can you guys help me?

Thank you in advanced.

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Most of us can't open your version 2023 VI.  If you want more help, do a File > Save for Previous Version... and save it for 2018 or so.  😉

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In my opinion, there is no point merging the digital and analog tasks in a single VI if your purpose is to trigger an analog task on a digital pulse.

If you plan to route the trigger externally, you can Export the Internal Analog Input Sample Clock

If you want to receive an external trigger, you can run the shipping examples Voltage Input - Continuous and Digital Input - On Demand under the toolbar Help >> Find Examples... >> Hardware Input and Output >> DAQmx

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