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Service to download a spare controller



I have a Compact Rio in Winnipeg Canada, client has a spare CPU and wants the program ( which is available) do be downloaded in that spare controller.

I was not involved in this project so I have no knowledge of the labview software but is seems not really straight forward like a PLC ( download and ready 🙂 )


Can anybody guide me to an engineer or a company that would be available to execute this service for us in Canada Winnipeg ? 


Any usefull information is highly appreciated.


Guy Roelands


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You can use Replication and Deployment Utility. The tool is free. See Archived: Archive of the Real-Time Application Deployment (RTAD) Utility for the user instructions.

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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Thanks for your answer,  seems much easier than labview indeed, will definately try this ( I can only acces the CRIO from remote) so hope this works.


However still looking for the other option ( service engineer too )



Guy Roelands

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