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Drag and drop templates from Functions Palette

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I really like how I can drag and drop a JKI State Machine from my Function's Palette onto a block diagram.  Instead of placing a SubVI on the black diagram, the code inside the template is placed on the block diagram.  How can I get my own templates to do this?
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I just learned about this and set it up with a few VI's.


This should get you there. Tst notes that in the first post it's called Merge VI, but got renamed to Place VI Contents in LV 8.5

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Tim Elsey
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Thats so cool!


Awesome, thanks!

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Now just stop dragging and start quick dropping!
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Did someone say JKI State MachineSmiley Happy


It's been mentioned that this is the Merge VI palette setting for the VI.  We actually use VIPM Professional to build the JKI State Machine package.  VIPM has a palette setting called "Place VI Contents" and indicates this setting in the palette editor using the "merge" (3-5-2010 9-06-09 AM.png) icon, shown below:


3-5-2010 9-04-11 AM.png





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