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Downconvert VI Requests

Oops, I thought I did attach the VI. I knew I should have done a preview. Thanks!
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Excellent, Mathan.  Thanks so much!

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I have some labview files that I can not open with my version 8.5. Could somebody operate the conversion for me?

Some files are in version 2009 and some else in version 8.6

I ve the version 8.5 of labview. It will be very nice if somebody could convert them for me or send me the tool for the conversion.


Thanks in advance

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jbj wrote:
Oops, I thought I did attach the VI. I knew I should have done a preview. Thanks!

No.  Don't do a preview.  For some poor design reason, doing a preview causes the files to be no longer attached.  Then you have to come out of preview mode and attach them again.

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Here are again the attached files to be converted to Labview version 8.5.


Some are saved with Labview 8.6 and other with Labview 2009.


Thanks you by advance for your help...

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We saw the post the first time. Please be patient. The majority of people on this forum are volunteers with full-time jobs. Your request is not a small one, considering the size of the code.
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Hi princejack,


no need to attach those big files twice...


I got problems to downconvert your collection using LV2009f3, "mem corruption" etc.

So I only attach 3 of the VIs, from analogoutput and schreiber.llb...

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Thank for your reply but I didn t get the conversion of the main file: xt-schreiber.llb

Could you send it me please?

Without it I can not understand the operating of this file xt-schreiber.llb ...


thank for your comprehension.

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