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Downconvert VI Requests

thanks much!  i just wanted to get an idea of how it was done...
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'That event is from DAQmx, not LabVIEW. So it's an issue with the version of DAQmx. Support for LabVIEW 7.1 goes up to DAQmx 8.9'


So if I understand correctly, the issue could be that this feature is not available until after DAQmx 8.9. Since I tested the code on the same computer, does this mean that Labview7.1 and Labview8.6 are using different DAQmx drivers?Measurement and Automation shows only NI-DAQ8.8 and no other versions.


I forgot to include a picture detailing the problem.


Could the issue be independent of DAQmx?




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Please do not post PowerPoint files. Please post images directly as PNG (preferred), JPEG, or GIF. NEVER BMP.


It appears you cannot select to register for DAQmx events in LabVIEW 7.1.

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Attached is in 7.1. You will need to fix all of the subVIs that were using Call Library Function Node. LabVIEW 7.1 did not have error in / error out terminals for that node.
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I wrote a VI to convert PDF files to PNG using Ghostscript for this thread, OP needs 7.1 version.  I have preconverted to LV8.  Thanks.


(You can also post it directly in the above thread, and may even get it marked as a solution).



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7.1 version posted in original thread. Smiley Wink
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Hi, smercurio.  Can you convert this file from LV8.6 to LV8.2 for me, please?  


Thank you,


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Forgot to attach the file?
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jbj wrote:

Hi, smercurio.  Can you convert this file from LV8.6 to LV8.2 for me, please?  

Since you are noob to the forum and this is your first post, i hope you don't know how to attach a file. There is an option called "Add attachments" located at the bottom of your composer box. Post if you still need help.



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