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how to update XY Graph imagen

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Hello everybody!


I am trying to display a new signal on a XY Graph where there is a previous one. I want not to erase the old one, just to keep it and add a new one to the Graph. I have tried using a properity node but i don't find a suitable properity.


Any idea?



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Accepted by topic author 1000a

Hi 1000A,

first you have to connect an array of cluster, to set the correct type. Read the old values and add the new ones.

See the attached image.



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   I am looking for a "better way" to update a XY graph that contains existing data that also may have cursors turned on (and configured with colors and types) and also be in zoom mode. The current info I have found is to read the current settings (axis scales, cursors and zoom) and the new data and restore the org values. I have a test that takes about a hour to perform and currently the user has to wait until the test is complete before that data is obtained from the test equipment and displayed user review.

   I want to change the code to get the test done in multiple segments (60 seconds or less) to allow the user to review the data as quickly as possible. There is not reason to wait for a hour to find out that the test failed 30 seconds or 5 minutes into a 1 hour test. THe user reviews that data by zooming and/or using the cursors, so whn new data comes in I do not want to undo the current analysis, I just want to add the new data to the to the XY graph.

   Any better ways to accomplish the end result beside using a XY graph and reading the current config, adding the new data and restoring the config? During this process the XY graph will be "disturbed" during the change and I am sure that the users will not like this.



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I attached a vi which is included a zoom mode and updating the graph.

Maybe it is a good start for you and can complete your code.

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