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Downconvert VI Requests

Please use the Version Conversion board to post any requests to upconvert or downconvert your VIs.
In your post, please indicate:
Source LabVIEW version
Target LabVIEW Version


**Once converted, please mark the thread as Solved by selecting "Accept as Solution".


Please remember this is not a space for code discussion. This is just a space for you to post the VIs you need to be converted to an older or newer version of LabVIEW. If an issue arises where you need further assistance after the conversion has been completed (for instance, if you need the converted

VI to be removed from the forums) please select "Report to a Moderator."

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Can someone help me to convert these Vi´s in an newer version ? They are written in 5.1 and here we have only 8.5.1

So it would be nice if someone can convert it for me.



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This post is for requesting to save VIs that are in a newer version back to an older version. The Upconvert VI Requests page is for upgrading VIs. In the future, please post there for upgrading older VIs.
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Could I get the following two 8.6.1 VIs converted to 7.1



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Hi errante,


not so much luck on downconversion:

One VI (stimbit...) looses a lot of functionality because of unsupported features, the other doesn't even downconvert (WMP..., I got a lot of "insane" errors). The 3rd one is mainly a picture of code Smiley Wink

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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In downconverting from labview 8.6 to labview7.1, I ran into ignorance in my coding abilities or a compatibility issue.


In 8.6,  under 'RegEvents' there is a 'Signal' option followed by 'signalType'; however, in 7.1 I am only able to evoke a 'Signal' option.  


Is there a solution?




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That event is from DAQmx, not LabVIEW. So it's an issue with the version of DAQmx. Support for LabVIEW 7.1 goes up to DAQmx 8.9.
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Can someone be so kind as to convert the to a version that i can open with 8.2?




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Attached is in 8.2, BUT.... The Feedback Node in 8.6 had a global initialization terminal, whereas the one in 8.2 does not. Thus, that node is missing in the VIs. You will need to recode the VIs using the 8.2 Feedback Node. Also, the top-level VI used a Wait Express VI from the RT module. I don't have that, so you'll need to put it in yourself.
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