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Do I need Labview 2019 for Core 1 Training?

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Hi All,

I was getting ready to start the Core 1 self paced training and it says one of the prerequisites is LV2019.  Due to company requirements, I can only install Labview 2018 SP1 on my computer.  Is this going to be an issue moving forward with the training materials?  I did a search for Core 1 v2015 but couldn't find anything.


Any help on this would be appreciated.  Looking forward to jumping into the training.




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Core 1 is very general and you should notice little if any difference. There might be some new function that gets presented, in which case you can ask us. 🙂


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The only real issue I can think of is if they give you example programs that were saved in LabVIEW 2019.  You would then need the VIs down converted.  But the rest should be no issue.

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Looks like the conversion is going to be a problem.  The Knowledge Base article recommends posting the VI to a forum section and ask someone to down convert it for me. Just surprised NI would not provide VI's in previous versions or at least a conversion tool.  Seems like a lot to ask of people to convert, over time, a couple hundred VI's.


Is what it is I guess. Thanks for the replies.

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I am having the same issue. I have LV 2018 only. How did it workout for you?

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