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Digital Output using NI 9472


I am trying to create a VI to output a digital signal to a relay from the NI 9472.

I want to use a boolean on/off control on the front panel.  I am unfamiliar with LabVIEW 8 so I can't find any of the old D/O write to channel vi's and the like. 

Here's all I want to do.  Using a toggle switch, generate a boolean signal to control the DO from the 9472 to the relay. 

Thanks for the help
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Hi mmmmpwr,
Are you using the NI 9472 with a cDAQ chassis, USB carrier or a cRIO chassis?

Yi Y.
Applications Engineer
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Something like this example?

Message Edited by Bill@NGC on 07-18-2007 08:30 PM

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Hey guys

I am using the cDAQ chassis.

After playing with it some more, I found the VIs I needed in the I/O Measurement/MAX folder.  I'm not used to all the fancy read/write capabilities, but once you get used to it it's great. 

Thanks for the help

By request, I will post the VI I created. 

Message Edited by mmmmpwr on 07-19-2007 09:45 AM

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Hi mmmmpwr,

Glad it worked out for you.  If you are using DAQmx, everything is under Measurement IO/DAQmx.  You can find some great shipping examples in the Example Finder.  Help/Find Examples/, go to the Browse tab, Hardware Input and Output/DAQmx.
One thing worth mentioning is that the Event Structure is a blocking structure, and none of the rest of the code can execute when an event structure is executing.  So what you probably want to do is to wire the boolean directly to the DAQmx Write.

Yi Y.
Applications Engineer
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