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Development Environment setting

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Development Environment setting



I've encountered a problem while opening a VI file that was send through mail stating that the dependancies were wrong. How can i go about solving this issue? Attached is a png file of the situation. I've tried reconnecting the connector pane but to no avail as some of the controls are not in the front panel (which i suspect is hidden) 


Thanks (desperately needs help) 


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Re: Development Environment setting

I suspect you don't have the Drivers installed in the system, where you trying to access the file.

Make sure you have drivers installed


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09-20-2017 11:07 PM

Re: Development Environment setting

It is also possible that you have a different version of the driver where the pinout is different (where did these vi came from, from a supplier or in-house, was it modified?). Usually you right-click them and select relink to subVI (or something similar). You might have to rewire after.



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Re: Development Environment setting

Starting in LaVIEW 2014 or so, if you hover over a missing VI with the context help open it will tell you where it believes the VI should be on disk.  This can help you understand what toolkit or library it is apart of and how to find it, or if it is just part of a users documents folder, which means it may have been deleted, moved, renamed, or not copied.

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Re: Development Environment setting

Thanks a lot! The manufacturer indeed miss out a vi when sending it to me. 

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