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I need some help with this code.
I'm fairly new to LabVIEW, and I'm currently stuck on one task that I'm working on.
I don't want to receive completed code back, just a little guidance on what I can do to make this work.

I've attached the subVI and I'm having some trouble understanding how to make the sensor configuration work as intended. It should be possible to delete and add "sensors" here, but I'm stuck.

Thanks 🙂

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Well, I don't have your database or your toolkit, but I see the following problems:


  • All you probably need is get the sensor list from the database before the loop and have only an event structure (no need for case structure and states, etc.) with an event for each possible user interaction.
  • Once you add or delete sensors, should that be written back to the database?
  • Notice the coercion dot? Your decimal string to number should output U16.
  • Index array is resizable and if you want the elements in order, you don't even need to wire the indices.
  • What's the purpose of the "strings&values" property node? There is no corresponding control....
  • ...
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See if this (highly simplified!) can possibly give you some ideas....





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Thank you for the reply 😊

Yes, I use the lecturer's SQLToolkit in this problem.

Yes that will be written back to the database. 

Yeh, I was just traying something, removed that part of the code.

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Thank you 😊

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