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How to adapt the GigE camera to the room light on NI MAX?

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Hello guys,

I am setting up a bench but I have a problem with my GigE cameras.
I would like the cameras to adapt to the light in the room.
For example, when the light in the room changes (decreases or increases) it is not visible on the camera image.
Is it possible to do this on NI MAX?
Thanks your.
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Is there an automatic exposure or gain attribute available in the camera parameters?



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Thanks your for you reply
Yes it exists and I have activated auto-brigthness but it does not change anything.
Are my settings right?

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Accepted by topic author Ngouda

I'm not familiar with all of those parameters but try setting the Auto Brightness Target lower, to like 125.

You may need to also lower the Auto Brightness Target Variation.



"It’s the questions that drive us.”
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Hi @ 


I thank you for your help.
Okay I will test these variables by reducing the lens.and target variation
Thank you very much for your help.

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