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Data Logging to excel in columns

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I am trying to write my data into a excel file where in the first column the time is shown and the other the input channels. 

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Accepted by topic author Cappon

I would just use the DAQmx Configure Logging VI, to log the data to TDMS file. You can open the TDMS file as an Excel file, using a free plugin.


But you also have to revise that while loop. Another option to use a proper Producer/consumer pattern, alongside with TDMS VIs in the Consumer. Also put all the display indicators into the Consumer loop.

And keep in mind that your recent config using finite acquisition in that while loop will give you "gaps" in the measured data: you start and stop the DAQ at every iteration in that while loop (starting and stopping a task always takes time!).

+you forgot to use the DAQmx Clear to release the HW resources after that while loop!

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