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DAQmx timing

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Good morning

I am collecting charging and discharge data of a capacitor during different times.

Using the circuit attached, what´s the best
way to set the sample rate per channel and so that I can apply hours measuring systems without getting slow operation.



thank you

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I don't see a circuit attached.  That is a block diagram.


1. With continuous samples, do NOT wire up the "Number of Samples Per Channel" on the DAQmx Timing VI.  You are just limiting your buffer, which you want to keep very large.

2. There is no need for the Wait in the loop.  The reading of the DAQ will limit your loop rate.

3.  There is no point in reading that spreadsheet file every time you iterate your loop.  Move that read to be before the loop.  That will help speed up your loop quite a bit.

4.  Set your sample rate to whatever you need for your measurements.  The number of samples to read at the DAQmx Read should be based on however many samples you want to process at a time.  Just make sure your code can keep up with your sample rate of the DAQ by either increasing the number of samples to read per iteration or lowering your sample rate.

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I don't think your slow operation is at all related to the small number of samples you are currently taking. Your duplicate post has questions that you need to answer. Creating multiple threads for the same problem is bad behavior.
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