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RS422 message frequency

Hi All,I am using NI PXI 8433/4 RS422 card. I want to transmit messages at various frequencies. Do we have option in NI cards to achieve this functionality. I am sure we have it with other manufacturers.



There are four messages 1-4 as below and I have to transmit these strings via RS422 at various frequencies.

1. AAA - 1Hz

2. BBB - 2Hz

3. CCC - 3Hz

4. DDD - 4Hz


 Please let me know if you guys have any idea how to do it.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "message frequency".


If you mean how often the message is sent out, then that is under software control and of course you can do that.  It's not a function of the card hardware, it's a software feature.


If you mean something else , then please explain.

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By frequency, I would assume you are talking about the time between messages and not the baud rate. If that's the case, you can use a wait or delay function on your while loop. What sort of precision do you need?
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