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DAQmx Requirements

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   I am being handed some code from a member of my company, when I try and load the code into my LabVIEW system I see:

"File 'convert 1DWfm to' not found". There are also a host of other DAQ objects it can not find


This would lead me to beleive that DAQmx is not insalled, however, If I look in a list of all objects I can use the following objects ARE available:

Traditional DAQ Channel

DAQmx Switch

DAQmx Terminal

DAQmx Task Name

DAQmx Scale Name

DAQmx Device Name

DAQmx Global Channel

DAQmx Physical Channel



When I insert the "Device Drivers" disk and attempt to install the device drivers I ammet with the following error "Error 1921. Service 'National Instruments LXI Discovery Servic' (niLXIDiscovery) could not be stopped." - Even though I have administrator privilages on this PC.


Please can someone help me! I am using LabVIEW 2009 (Note: the code I am upgrading is LabVIEW 7.1 Code)

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Whoa! 7.1 to 2009 is a bit of a jump!


Alright- you may be a bit late to move but you are moving HOWEVER, It is important to bare in mind that not all versions of DAQmx have support for all Versions of LabVIEW



is a great link for information about the do's and gottcha's of moving to DAQmx from traditional DAQ


The Read-me

file for the latest DAQmx (9.0.2)  release shows support for LabVIEW versions 8.20x (why did they drop the 0 from .20 it was a signifgant marketing event at 20 years) and later ONLY.


You can have only 1 version of DAQmx installed at a time but many versions of LabVIEW. 


Your best bet would be to find a DAQmx version that supports LV7.1 and 8.20 and rev your code to LabVIEW 8.20 as an intermediate step.  Then update to DAQmx 9.0.2 and rev the vi's up to 2009f3

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Accepted by alecjcook

In the end, I opened the task manager and ended the process "niLXIDiscovery". Don't know why I didn't think of that at first.

Thanks for your help!

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I am interested in the oposite.  I have both LV2009 and LV7.1.  I need to write code in LV7.1 and for some reason the DAQmx VI's are gone???



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First off, it's a bad idea to add to a solved thread, most people don't bother reading them anymore.


To answer your question though, it's because your DAQmx version doesn't support both LV7 and 2009.  Look in the chart linked above to find out if there's a version that supports both AND all the hardware you will use.  If not you are stuck with re-installing DAQmx every time you want to use a different LV version.  This is one of the biggest pains with LabVIEW but you just have to deal with it or byte the bullet and upgrade all your code to the latest versions.

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