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Now have a problem
The DAQ card I use is a USB 6356.

When I simply collect the voltage signal, I found that the amplitude difference is a bit large. Is it because of noise? But the surrounding is a clean space. I have used the ARDUINO DUE method to capture the same voltage and found that The DUE signal is relatively clean?


Note: The DUE capture voltage method is to use the ADS1115 module to capture


I have thought about the resolution, but the ADS1115 has been adjusted and the final voltage resolution is 0.015625mV.
The approximate operation of USB 6356 is about 1/63356=0.015784mV.(I adjusted to the lowest voltage range)

Note:Both sides are 16bits.


If the attachment is the result of my measuring voltage of about 0.25v, it is reasonable to say that the usb 6356 will be more accurate and precise, but the result is not what I want




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Please provide more information where does the signal come from, exact connection shcematic, the code and DAQmx configurations you used to capture the data - all of these have an impact on quality of the measurement.

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Accepted by topic author luosser

Did you install the Ferrite properly ?


It certainly looks like you missed that step.

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Accepted by topic author luosser
So far my problem has been solved
It seems that the equipment is not shared
thanks for your response
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