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DAQ Assistant VI, Samples rate and buffer

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Hello everyone,


Just a quick question to get a better understanding on how Sample to read and sample rates works in the DAQ Assistant VI.

I have no particular file to commit with this post, it's more of a general question.


Using Continuous samples mode in the DAQ Assistant means that every single "sample" that the system can acquire, will be acquired. I didn't perfectly understand the possibility to set a value for the "sample to read" input. I've read that it allows to define the buffer size we want but i didn't understand why it was not at a default max value as we are using continuous sample mode.


But, using and setting sample rate to a certain value can become a limit for our Continuous sample acquisition. So i'd like to understand if there's a way to avoid getting limited by "Samples to read" value and simply being acquiring continuous data at a defined rate ? (having an illimited buffer until maximum is reached out (define by RAM volume ?)


Thanks in advance


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Specifying Number of Samples When Continuously Acquiring with NI-DAQmx for LabVIEW should provide the answer you need.

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Indeed, thank you,


it answered most of my questions !

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