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I am trying to create a new template to be used with LabVIEW 2013 Create Project wizard. I have followed the tutorial 'Using Custom Templates and Sample Projects to Develop LabVIEW Projects' but still seem to be having issues.


I am pretty sure it is something really simple that I am doing wrong but can't seem to find the issue.


I have placed the template project in LabVIEW Data/ProjectTemplates/Source and the xml in LabVIEW Data/ProjectsTemplates/MetaData.

When I create a new project using the wizard, the project gets created and runs perfectly the first time.

Then when I open it a second time, there are a load of conflicts that all of a sudden exist where some of the vi's are linked to the template project.


I can go and resolve all the conflicts and then the project works but there must be something that I am doing wrong.


I will be grateful for any help getting this sorted. I have attached the conflicts and my xml file (I have changed the extension of the xml file to attach it).




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Hi Greg,


I would presume what is happening is there is some static pathing in your code when the project copying is happening. This will mean the new project copy will still be accessing the project template original files. I would double check where you have your paths to make sure they are relative and not static.


Let me know how you get on.


Kind Regards,

Larry Colvin
Associate Principal Engineer
Dyson Technology Ltd.

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Accepted by topic author GregPayne

Hi Larry,


Thanks for the help.


I had a look again at my template and noticed that I had the folders set to auto populate. I took that off in the template and it seems to be working now.



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Hi Greg,


I am glad you found the culprit! Let us know if you have any other issues.


Kind Regards,



Larry Colvin
Associate Principal Engineer
Dyson Technology Ltd.

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I am trying to do the same thing, and am curious -- is there any way to have auto-populating folders in the template that will point to the correct folder after the wizard runs?  


I use auto-populate in all of my projects, I had assumed that auto-populating folders used relative paths instead of absolute paths.  Since an autopopulate folder in a template points to the template folder after the wizard creates the new folder structure it would appear that auto-populating folders use absolute paths and there is then no way to do what I'd like...  Any thougths?


For now it appears that I need to manually duplicate my basic folder structure in the template project, then after the wizard runs I'll manually convert the folders to auto-populating.

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I haven't yet found a way to use auto populating folders in the template. Whenever I used them it just caused problems. 


Once I create the new project, I then add the auto populate settings, like you said. It's an extra step to creating the project, but eliminates the headache of linking to the correct file each time a new project is created.



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Auto-populating folders are one of those few LabVIEW features I would prefer not to have.  They are convinient when transitioning legacy code to a project.  If it wasn't for the "Stop Auto-populating" option to be so close to your face it would do a lot more damage. 


There is a reason "Stop Auto-population" is there. A very nice feature!


To see what it really means for yourself compare the *.lvproj with and without auto-population by opening the *lvproj with an xml editor. 

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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