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Creating a 'frames-like' environment.

I'm looking for a way to manage a larger program by using frames. What I'd ultimately like to do is have a high level VI that calls some other VIs based on some selections, but have the called lower level front panel VI load into a frame on the high level VI. The best analogy I could think of is like the old HTML frames. 


If it's easier, I could even load the called VI in a new window. It's not preferable, but it would definitely do if it's an easier solution.


Thanks in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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In LabVIEW there is a front panel component called a "sub-panel", and it can be referenced to do just what you are looking for. It is located in the "containers" sub-pallette of front panel controls. There is some help for the control and examples in the Help/Find Examples

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Excellent, thank you very much!

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Also, creating real "frames" (aka "panes") by using splitters might be useful. You can move splitters to resize a pane and you can re-position the pane in order to "remove" content.


Using splitters and subpanels together is obviously the best option for a clean, useable UI with more than a bunch of elements, esp. when using plugin-architecture for adding stuff later on.



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