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Creating a Radio Button menu.

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I'm trying to create a menu like in the image. I'm using System Radio Buttons with the arrangement as shown. The problem is when I run it, I cannot enter anything in the textbox, or select the checkboxes. Any solution to this problem? Thanks. 

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Select your RadioButtons control (for example, on the block diagram double-click on it, then on Front Panel it'll be selected), and in "Rorder" menu select "Move to Back". Then all your controls will be accessible.



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I only see 'Reorder Controls in Cluster' option, and that gives me a black screen where I can reorder the numbers of the radio buttons; I don't see a 'Move to Back' option. I'm using LabView 2015.

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He did not say right click.  He said get the Radio Button control selected.


Go to the Toobar.  Rightmost button gives a drop down to allow you to reorder the contorls.  Pick Move to Back.

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OH, that button! lol Right, thanks. That worked. Sorry, I'm pretty new to LabView. Thanks guys.

Guess the shadow stays? Or can I get rid of that as well? It's just that it's pretty distracting. 😛

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It's only there during edit mode to show you the controls are not a part of that radio button cluster.  In run mode, the shadows disappear.

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How to show the controls are not a part of the radio button cluster?

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This is an older thread you've responded into.


Can you be clearer in your question and how the messages above didn't answer it?

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I want to create the Boolean checkbox control under radio button but when add the control into radio button cluster ,am not able to access that checkbox control as get its merged into the cluster. 

How can I do this?

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Don't drag it with the mouse to the desired position. Instead use the Arrow- Keys on your Keyboard (in conjunction with the Shift- Key) to move it there.

You have to select it before.

Greets, Dave
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