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Counter module on cDAQ


Does anybody know if NI plans to develop a 4 or even 8 channel counter module for cDAQ chassis. (Like cFP-CTR-502 for cFP). I just can't believe that I am the only one that needs more than 2 counter. And that it isn't possible to develop such a module.



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Hi Yves,


NI is always looking at ways to expand the C Series platform to enable our customers to solve more problems and develop better applications.  What kind of applications have you needed more than 2 counters for, and what kind of features would you want or expect from such a module?




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Hy Kyle


Well, we have built a test system that has the possibility to connect 4 turbine flow meter ( with TTL output). Actually I'm "counting" the pulses with a AI-Voltage module.... 

With a real counter module (such as we do it in another lab with cFP) life would be much easier. And more reliable.

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