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wireless switch daq

I am interested in using a wireless switch to indicate whether a device is holstered/unholstered. I found the following switch which I think would meet my needs.


How do I tap into the on/off state of the light receiver and input that data into labview? Obviously when the switch is on, the receiver circuit outputs a voltage. How can I measure this voltage & input it into labview? What data acquisition card do I need and is there anything else I need to convert this voltage/lack of voltage into something the daq can read & understand?


Thank you.



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Hi Adam,

      I like the way you think!  I once modified a cheap programmable appliance timer to switch AC based on a parallel-port output pin (using LabVIEW, of course.)


I expect if you crack-open and probe-around in the "light receiver" you'll find some TTL level signal that indicates whether the light is on or not.  BE CAREFUL to identify and stay-away-from the AC side of things!!!  Also, while probing, be very very careful not to accidentally short-together any signals - especially neighboring pins on ICs. Smiley Wink


If you're lucky, you'll be able to (find and) wire such signal to a PC parallel-port input without affecting the operation of the light. 

I think appropriate voltages for the parallel port are 0-5V DC.  If you find a signal in the -12 to +12V range, consider using a COM port instead. 

You can find examples on this forum to use VISA to read parallel port signals  or COM port signals.



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