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Convert/Import TDMS to Excel

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I see no reason why you couldn't just put that VI in a for loop, and convert multiple files.  But also an example of converting multiple files is in the example linked to in this thread.

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Is there any chance you can look at my current script?


It's supposed to take in data from a DAQ device and then write the data to a TDMS file. From there I want to convert the TDMS file to an excel format. My script is running correctly but it does not convert the TDMS file into an excel format. Is there any reason why?





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Well since my conversion isn't being used, but instead pieces of it are my first suggestion would be to use the function as it was written.  My second recommendation is to probe the path wires and make sure that the path of the TDMS file being created, is the path that is trying to be conveted.  You usse the DAQmx property to read the path and display it, but that path isn't the path used in converting the file.  These two paths maybe the same but they may not be.  Just run the function I posted on your built TDMS file and see if it converts it.  If it doesn't what error does it give?  Where does the error come from?

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It seems like you made it! Super awesome! That was exactly what I was looking for! (convert an tdms file into a Excel one).


Thank you for sharing this, man!

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I have encountered similar error and would like to seek your kind expertise on this.


Problem Statement:

  • Error 97 occurred at Unknown System Error in Convert TDMS to>Convert all TDMS

Possible reason(s):

  • LabVIEW: (Hex 0x61) A null or previously deleted refnum was passed in as an input.


Debug carried out so far:

  1. Reinstalled excel in PXIe host but the error still persists
    • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021. Excel version 2311 (Build 17029.20068)
  1. Works fine on another machine on Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. Excel version 2309 (Build 16827.20278)
  2. Not sure if there is any Excel permission or ActiveX configuration that causing this error
  1. Installed the latest TDM Excel Add-In for Microsoft Excel but error still persists
  2. Excel ActiveX Settings are comparable between both machine and observed no mismatch.
  3. Followed the verifications steps in LabVIEW support for Error97 when using Report Generation Toolkit but error still persists
  4. I have replaced your Convert TDMS to XLSX80 ‏41 KB with the Open New Instance is TRUE for the Open Automation but the error still persists.




  1. ERR(97) happens coming out of the property node "ITDMAddin"
  2. Probed the reference going into "ITDMAddin" and its value is 0, with the variant data also shows value 0. Refer to Probe[4]
  3. Probed the variant at Variant to Data Function, refer to Probe[6] is showing variant value of of 0 . It seems like the property node "COMAddIn" unable to find Object and release output 0 to the variant. 
  4. No error at upstream error in of "COMAddIn". Probe[7] showing some value feeding into "COMAddIn"Err97 at Convert TDMS to Excel VI.pngProbe Watch on ERR 97.png
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Are you in contact with AlphaTreo at all?  They PM'ed me with a similar issue today and stated: 


Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, automatically disabled the add-in with the December Windows updates.  It is working fine now that it has been enabled. 

Keep in mind that the code that was posted here leverages the ActiveX tool NI made.  If that doesn't work, for importing TDMS files on it's own, then the code that uses it also won't work.

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"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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