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TDMS to XLSX Conversion

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  • TDMS

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This code is an example of how to take an existing TDMS file, and convert it to XLSX using the free Excel Add-in.



The attached zip contains a the Convert to XLSX VI and a Example Batch Conversion VI that demonstrates how the conversion VI works.  The conversion VI will open an instance of Excel, import the TDMS file into a new work book using the Excel Add-in, then modify the workbook with things like custom summary sheets, conditional formatting, column widths, and cell freezing.


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

The fastest way to demonstrate the conversion functionality is to run the Example Batch Conversion.vi which will generate several TDMS files in a selected directory, then convert them all one at a time with a simple progress bar.



LabVIEW 2011+

Microsoft Excel 2007+

TDM Excel Add-in

VIPM with OpenG (VIPC included in zip)


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