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Convert/Import TDMS to Excel

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Everything seems fine.  I'd suggest making a new thread either on NI forums, or JKI forums providing more details on what you are seeing.

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Hi Hooovahh


The Example Batch Conversion didn't solve my problem. In my case I've 60 TDMS files I need to convert them in one step. I tried to modify your example but I couldn't. 

I should be grateful if you can help me with this.


Best Regards 



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Did you run the example batch as it is without editing it?


Did it create several TDMS files and convert them all?


If the answer to both of these are yes, then I'd suggest explaining more on why you were unable to modify it for you needs.  If the answer to either of these is no then explain why.

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@Rajab84 wrote:

Hey can anyone help


I've been trying to download Open G toolkit, but I just keep getting this message:


"this package is not compatible with your operating system or any Labview version installed on your computer"








Check your VI Server properties

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Hi Hooovahh


Yes I  run the example batch and I got an error (see the attached pic please). 5 files were created , but they weren't converted to excel files.




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Hi Hooovahh and Rajab84,


I opened up the Example Batch Conversion VI and obtained the exact same error as Rajab84. Since the file paths for a "temp" directory were identical in both mine and Rajab84's error messages, I suspected a hard-coded constant directing the Generate Summary TDMS Properties to a wrong location. 


Sure enough, when I stepped through the program, the wire to Generate Summary TDMS Properties's New Text File Path is left unwired in the caller (Convert to XLSX -> in Case "Write to Min Worksheet"). Therefore the callee assumes the default value for that field, which is "C:\Users\e32386\AppData\Local\Temp\lvtemporary_170814.tmp\TDMS Demo.tdms". In the block diagram of Generate Summary of TDMS Properties, you check if the string is empty…but because its default value is something, this test never results in a true value.


Changing the default value to something valid and/or the caller (Convert to XLSX) provides an input for this parameter might solve the problem.

Andrew T.
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Yup sorry for the bug.  I'm not sure even why that VI needs a write to disk function.


Basically if you open the Generate Summary TDMS file, then empty both the TDMS File, and New Text File Path controls so they are both blank, and then right click each and choose Data Operation >> Make Curent Value Default then it should work.


I have updated the example to version 3 with this change.

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Thanks Hooovahh


It works fine now, but I still can't figure out how to get it modified for my application. I should be grateful if you can help me with this. I've attached a pic. of my simple try which is not working. 





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  • When posting code post the actual code not a screenshot.  You wouldn't take a screenshot of a text file and post it on a text language forum.  Upload the actual VI, or zip several files and upload the zip.  The exception to this rule is when uploading a VI Snippet.  This is an image with the VI embedded in it, so the source is still intact.



Did you ever read the error you get?  Did you do any debugging and probing of wires to see what is going on?  If you had you would realize that you are attempting to convert a folder to an XLSX file.  You must provide a TDMS file to be converted.  This is generally done by providing an array of file paths.  Do something like a List Files Recursivly on a folder finding the pattern *.tdms, then use the array of paths autoindexing it into your for loop.

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Convert TDMS to XLSX


This working very well in single file. Can someone help to batch entired folder? I have 100 tdms files to xlsx. thank you



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