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Convert IMAQ Image to LabVIEW Image Data

How can from an image that I have loaded up get it into image data so that I can put it into an Unflatten Pixmap VI, I know how to make an image from the unflatter but I don't know where to get  the image data from. Hoping ye will be able to show me what to do.

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Hi Alang,


I hope you are well and thank you for using the NI Forums!


I have created a snippet of code which should help you use IMAQ functions to Draw Unflattened Pixmap. This uses the IMAQ Color Image to Array function.


IMAQ to unflatten Pixmap.png.


Kind regards,







Ashish Naik
Automotive Business Development Manager
National Instruments UK
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  Since I am new to labview I am not sure of the controls name.So It would be fine If you have mentioned each controls name in that design.





Anitha S

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Please find the image below with names. The image is actually a snippet so you can open it up in LabVIEW and edit the code.


If your not sure what control or indicator a input or output needs then you can right click on the input/output and select create » contol/indicator.



With names.png




Aaron. E
Product Performance Engineer
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