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Controlling a VFD using Modbus/TCP or Ethernet/IP using LabView?

It looks stretched, but now it is showing.  Play with the width and height that is in the HTML.

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Now it's looking good.

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hi please could you tell me how to use rs485 to control VFD i use delta vfd and USB/rs485 it is first time i use labview so i don't know if i have to use visa read/write or serial protocol or modbus master/slave delta provides communication protocol i want to control of speed and monitor torque according to load change
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Hey nagham777!


This post is over a year old, for the best chance at visibility, I'd recommend creating a new forum post with more information. I'd also recommend creating it in the Instrument Control forum. Best of luck!

Claire M.
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National Instruments
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@pRoF1T Were you ever able to resolve this issue? I have an identical setup and am running into similar issues. I can see the device on the network, I can log into it via a browser and adjust settings but I cannot establish a connection to it using the ABB Drive Composer application or via LabVIEW. Any pointers much appreciated!

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