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Continuously acquire data in two channels of PXI-5105 using NI SCOPE

I am using an example vi program to run sine sweep through NI PXI 5412 and it works fine.


However, now I need to collect 2 signals using NI PXI-5105 for this generated sine sweep. I understand that due to large size of data, I might need to use "niScope EX Fetch" or "niScope EX Fetch In" etc.  I need to send a digital trigger to a NI SCOPE code from the NI FGEN code.  I found that "niScope EX Fetch" does not actually send any trigger, rather obtains pretriggered samples. Also, I have to save the multi-channel data from onboard memory of  PXI 5105 to my internal hard-disk. Can I use any digital triggering option on any of these example continuously fetching data? 



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I have found the following example that continuously  save data which appears to a modification of "niScope EX Fetch" for multiple channels.  This program runs well and saves data in binary file format.  I have attached the link for the file here.

I still need to trigger this NI-SCOPE file using a digital trigger from NI-FGEN. Can anyone give any suggestion for this?

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