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Continuous Wavelet Transform

English: I have the Signal Processing Toolset as well as LAb View 7.1.I want to use Continuous Wavelet Transform to get a time-frequency representation of the signal (using Morlet wavelet for example), just like with the spectrogram. How can I do this? Are there any demo-files?

German: Ich habe das Signal Processing Toolset und Lab View 7.1. Ich möchte die Continuos Wavelet Transform nutzen um einfach eine Darstellung der Amplitude über Zeit und Frequenz zu erhalten (z.B. mit Morlet Wavelet), so wie beim Spektrogramm. Frage: Wie realisiere ich das? Gibt es vielleicht ein Demo-File?
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"CWT" is shipped with LabVIEW Signal Processing Toolset 7.0. You can find the example via the NI Example Finder. The example is under Toolkits and Modules>>Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit>>Getting Started>>Wavelet.

Notes that the CWT in SPT 7 computes the time-scale representation of the signal. You can consider the y axis as the frequency axis of spectrogram. However, the frequency interval is no linear. So it looks different from the spectrogram computed with STFT.
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Thank you very much,

the only problem is, that I have Version 5.0 of the Signal Processing Toolkit. Is there any possibility as well?
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I do not have the SPT 5 at hand. I just copy the diagram and front panel of CWT in SPT 7 for your reference.
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