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multiple writes possible in DS in labview but not in CVI?


Am using Datasocket to communicate between to VI's, In one of the VI's am opening a new dataitem in "readwrite" mode and doing both read and write operation, and in the other VI am just writing on the dataitem by supplying the URL to the write function, surprisingly this is possible even though i havent created the dataitem from DS manager and have not selected the option of "allow multiple writes".

But if am creating a CVI application, which opens the dataitem in "readwrite" mode, and if i write on that dataitem from labview, it gives me an error, i even tried selecting the "allow multiple write" on this dataitem.

Please suggest some solution. Also if i open a lot of Dataitems will it cause any problems?, i guess our project needs atleast 100 dataitems if i will have to use command and response in different dataitems.

thanx for the help

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The following Knowledge Base describes two possible soltions for this issue.

Why Does My DataSocket Connection in LabVIEW Fail with "Error: Can't connect to data item, another w...

The second solution is what you have already described with checking the box to Allow Multiple Writers. I am not sure why that is not working in your case, but I would suggest trying the first soltuion suggested in the KB. It involves creating the datasocket item a certain way in LabVIEW, and more details are available in the KB.

Scott Y
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