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Connecting Simulink Circuit to LABview Controller

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I'm trying to use my LABview VI to control switches in a Simulink model. I'm not sure how to accomplish this task, but right now I'm trying to establish a connection between the two. 
I have LABview 2015 and MATLAB 2011.
After Googling how to connect a Simulink model to LABVIEW, I found the following methods:

1. Using the Model Interface Tool (MIT)

2. Using the Controls and Simulation Toolkit to convert a Simulation Model into LABVIEW


1. I downloaded MIT and Veristrand and followed the steps in this link:
But I'm not sure where to go from there.  Most tutorials I found were using the SIT


2. The Simulink components aren't recognized in LABVIEW and are just empty boxes. 


Question: What's the best way to connect the Simulink model with LABview? 

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This seems closely related to this one.


Both methods can be used but both require a few considerations.


For the Model interface Toolkit you need to mind what functions you use. Please take a look at this.


"In the Simulink software, you can convert models that use only a fixed step-size ordinary differential equation (ODE) solver into compiled models. Additionally, you must turn off data logging in the Simulink application software."

 Please refer to the following as well.

(same I linked above)

(this is the one you linked yourself, just want to bring that the model needs to be a dll to work with the Model Interface Toolkit)

(the post mentions the "SIT" which is not the Model Interface Toolkit)


The last one brings something about the Control Design & Simulation method: the model needs to be an mdl file in order for the Simulation Model Converter to work.


(this link is from LabVIEW 2012, but it is still valid on later versions)


Hope it helps.


MATLAB® and Simulink® are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.



Camilo V.
National Instruments
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Yes, the posts are related. Thanks so much for the help and links!


Out of curiosity,  I switched to the MIT method because when I tried to import .mdl into the Simulation Model Converter, I get the result in the image.

SimPowerSystems aren't on the unsupported Simulink blocks  list, so am I doing something wrong or are they unsupported? 



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Glad the information helps.


About the error, I cannot be sure without knowing what the model uses, but there are some partially supported and some totally unsupported blocks from Simulink®. My first though was that maybe some of those are the cause of the Simulation Model Converter to fail. Please find more details information here.




Camilo V.
National Instruments
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