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I have a query about the use of community edition. Can I use the community edition as part of my thesis? It would be used only to demonstrate that it could be used as part of the project.

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Accepted by topic author SuSu74

I assume you read the conditions.


It is difficult for us to judge gray areas, so you might want to contact NI directly. You could also see if your campus or department has a site license.



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Accepted by topic author SuSu74

May take on it would be that it is not really correct to do that. The Community Edition excludes use in degree granting education explicitly so it would seem not really allowed. Now, NI is almost certainly not gonna sue your ass, but depending on the professionals that will have to examine your thesis, you might get some more or less serious minus points for using an "illegal" solution in your thesis. Definitely something to think about.


If your institution has an educational license for LabVIEW you definitely should use that one. That will be proper licensed software for your thesis.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Yeah I read the conditions, but as you say it did seem to be a grey area. Its not as part of a class curriculum but it would be part of some higher educational work. I think I may try something else.

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Thank you for the reply, I think that you are right. Its best not chance it.

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